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2019-2020 Advocacy

April 4th, 2020

 Kicks4Keeps' executive spoke with Dr. Rodriguez, a pediatric cardiologist and nutrition activist about the adverse effects of COVID-19, measures teens are recommended to take, and the ramifications of the precautionary actions or lack thereof in the United States when combatting the virus. Not only were we able to gain a deeper understanding of the current circumstances but we also broadcasted this online call to help inform teens in our community.  


Coming Soon

The board of Kicks4Keeps will be meeting with Senator Nielsen and voicing views of proactiveness revolving around low-income teens. Not only will Kicks4Keeps be advocating for the welfare of low-income teens but also explaining the consequences they have suffered due to the Corona Virus causing the economy to plummet. Most importantly, however, Kicks4Keeps will be getting answers on the measures that are currently being taken in our community during these trying times. 

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