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2019-2020 Shoe Collection

Total: 1081 Pairs 

The collected shoes were cleaned, paired, organized, and shipped off to the designated locations. Shoes going to Soles4Souls are recycled to create brand new pairs of shoes to be worn by children in impoverished communities for years to come. 


Mira LoMA

A shoe drive was conducted at Mira Loma High School in Sacramento California. Boxes were placed in various classrooms and collected at the end of a 3 month period. 


At Deterding Elementary School a school-wide competition was established between grades in which the grade who collected the most pairs of shoes won an ice cream party! This drive took around 1 month.



The other donations we received, we received from the general public who shipped their shoes to us or we picked up donations over the course of the year. 

Where are the pairs going?

The shipment will be split into two. Half of the shoes will be distributed locally to the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services while the other half will be going to Haiti, Honduras, and Sierra Leone through our brand partnership with Soles4Souls. This way change can be sparked both locally and globally.  

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