About Us

Mission Statement

Here at Kicks4Keeps, we are driven by a single goal; to give to those in need of a pair of shoes. We focus on building positive relationships and metanoia, change of one's heart, for the greater good. 


Our vision is to blossom prosperity in the face of the adversity of others, as well as endow improvement of one's circumstances. 


We value three main principles. The first being transparency of service meaning all transactions, donations, and participations of the public are clearly and fairly supported. Secondly, a value we endorse is leadership down the path of success. Lastly, compassion is a value that backs our actions - always. 

Leadership - Executive Board/Mira Loma Branch


Divya Mamidi 


Executive Board Member

A little about me - I am 16 years old and hope to have a positive impact on the world. Growing up, I had always wondered how the world was going to solve such large problems that affect so many every day. I realized that the only way to solve these issues is to dig in and start your own progress. I enjoy many forms of creative expression, such as speech and debate, dance, and photography. I view Kicks4Keeps as an outlet for people to be the change they want to see and take steps to solve our growing poverty problem. 


Diana Lee

Vice President

Executive Board Member

A little about me - I am 16 years old and I’ve always loved helping others. Cliche, but it's true. I’ve always enjoyed benefiting people and seeing the happiness on the their faces brightens up my day. Whether its creatively or logically, I love cooperating with others while trying to change the world for the better. Kicks4Keeps is a way for me as well as others to be able to help the world become the better place that many wish for it to become. It is a way to help solve one of the many problems that this world has.  

Hannah Lupse


Executive Board Member

A little about me - I am 16 years old and growing up, my goal was to make a difference. It didn’t matter how or when, I just knew I wanted to spend my time on earth trying to make it at least a little bit better. Kicks4Keeps enables me, a privileged youth, to brighten the lives of youth who have not been blessed with the same resources. I enjoy spending time outdoors or writing, and I hope through Kicks4Keeps, other children may have one less thing to worry about and focus on their own hobbies and dreams.

nora k4k r.jpg

Nora Ransi

Public Relations

Mira Loma Board Member

A little about me - I’m a 15-year-old science nerd who is so excited to participate on the Kicks4Keeps Board. I had been looking for ways to create a global impact during my high school years and Kicks4Keeps was the perfect fit for me. This organization has taught me how large of an impact teenagers can have if they apply their drive towards a cause they believe in! I hope to continue my work with Kicks4Keeps while continuing in Science Olympiad and utilizing my creative and organizational skills in the coming years.

Leadership - Folsom High School Branch

Joan K4K FHS.jpeg

Joan Kim

Club President

Board Member

A little about me- I am currently a junior at Folsom High School. I have always loved serving my community around me but, Kicks4Keeps was a great opportunity for me to serve globally. I decided to start a new branch at Folsom High School in hopes of growing this organization. I believe Kicks4Keeps can be not only a non-profit organization started by students but, a life long project and I wish to make as much as a positive impact as I can. 

grace VP k4k Folsom.jpeg

Grace Heglund

Club Vice President

Board Member

A little bit about me - I am a 16 year old junior at Folsom high school. I’m super excited to join the Kicks4Keeps organization because I believe that we should all be giving back to  our community in big or small ways. I’m a very logical and optimistic person and I hope to see growth in this organization by spreading awareness about Kicks4Keeps and showing how easy it can be to help those in need when we all work together.

Leon Kang

Club Secretary

Board Member

A little about me- I’m 16 years old and have always wanted to do something meaningful. I don’t believe I have any specific skills but I do think I have a skill for helping others. I want to use that skill for this club. Through Kicks4Keeps I can build upon this skill and learn more about life itself. If I can make one small mark on the world, this is a good first step.

Hyeji Yang

Club Treasurer

Board Member

A little about me - I’m a 16 year old who likes to volunteer during any time that I have. I’ve always had a passion for helping people and participating in these kind of activities and when I first heard about this club I didn’t hesitate to join because I knew immediately that this was something I can do and wanted to do. I hope that even the smallest amount of help can impact and influence society to do the same.

Leadership - Rio Americano High School Branch


Kara Catellier

Rio Branch President

Board Member

A little about me -  I am 17 years old and I decided to expand Kicks4Keeps at my school for the simple reason that I believe it is my duty as someone who is privileged to do what I can to help those that are not. America is overcome with wealth that is often taken for granted. I believe spending some time doing something as simple as collecting shoes will have a huge impact on the lives of kids in other countries that don’t have any. As humans, we should help and support each other.


Aviva Spector


Branch Member

A little about me - I'm a junior at Rio Americano high school. I am very fortunate to have grown up and not worry about basic necessities like shoes but my heart goes out to the kids who do have such worries. I am in Kicks4Keeps to keep smiles on kids faces. The true reward is seeing how happy the little things I can do to help make these kids smile.


Kayla Chao


Branch Member

A little about me - I joined Kick4Keeps because I wanted to make a difference in the world. Many things are taken for granted, such as your shoes. Coming from a place of privilege, I wanted to join this club to help those who are less fortunate than myself. Something such as shoes should be available for everyone. Through Kicks4Keeps, I want to make others happy and provide help to the best of my ability.


Avery Walters


Branch Member

A little about me - I have been very privileged throughout my life and I am very grateful for that. My mission with this nonprofit organization is to help those who are less fortunate than me by providing them with something as simple as shoes and working to advocate for low-income teens in the Sacramento Area. 

Leadership - Bella Vista High School Branch

Aaron Kim


Board Member

A little about me -  I am 17 years old and when I first learned about Kicks4Keeps, I knew it would be an excellent opportunity to give back to those who may not be as fortunate as you and I. Poverty is a critical issue that I don't think is being tackled seriously enough in today's society, but through Kicks4Keeps, I know that I can be a part of solving the problem. I love the feeling of knowing I'm making a difference in someone else's life. I know that through Kicks4Keeps, I'll be able to do just that.

Allison Kitchen

Vice President

Board Member

A little about me -  I am 16 years old and attend Bella Vista High. I'm very excited to be part of the new Kicks4Keeps branch at BV. I love what Kicks4Keeps does not only to help underprivileged kids within our community but also to help eliminate waste by reusing perfectly good shoes that might otherwise end up in landfills. It's really important to me to not only give back to my community but also to the earth and I'm looking forward to being able to do both through Kicks4Keeps.

Caitlyn Browning


Board Member

A little about me -  I'm so honored to be a part of Bella Vista's Kicks4Keeps branch. I've always enjoyed helping my local community and I'm excited to help out on a larger scale through this organization. I believe that using the means available to us in order to bring aid and happiness to those less fortunate is one of the best ways that people of my age can really rise above. No kid should have to worry about having adequate clothing and I'm happy to help those who don't out in any way I can.

Ashkan Moeini-Rastegar


Board Member

A little about me -  I am 17 years old and from a young age on I have always tried my best to positively impact the world in any way that I can. This program provides a simple, yet effective way to do so. In my spare time I attempt to stay informed on what's going on in the world which provides me some solace as my problems seem much smaller, but also makes me worry about the world as a whole. I think that Kicks4Keeps is a great program that will aid one of the many problems that plague the world.