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Resources for Teens



Teen homelessness is a pandemic enveloping more and more innocent youth over time. In order to truly understand the issue, we must first understand who unaccompanied youth are and the effects of homelessness on teens; both of which are linked below. To learn more about this cause and action to be taken on a statewide level visit the policy platform below. 

Effects of


Homeless youth are at greater risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. Any financial support previously provided is likely to be diminished due to the necessity for COVID-19 relief. However, with more youth on the street than ever due to the pandemic, supporting these teens is COVID-19 relief. Learn more about the adverse effects and ways you can help below.



taxes 101

Employed youth are urged to file taxes however without adult support this process can be difficult to navigate. This is why unaccompanied youth are at a greater disadvantage. To learn more about the basics of filing taxes for youth click the button below.  

Resume 101

A resume is a key component of successfully getting any job. If you or someone you know is an unaccompanied youth who could benefit from resume guidance click the button below. 



credit 101

Often time homeless or unaccompanied youth are not provided with the resources to understand how building credit works. However, in this day and age maintaining a good credit score and understanding how to build credit it quintessential to survival. Learn more about building credit below. 



Job interviews can make or break futures. If you or anyone you know is an unaccompanied youth that would benefit from job interview information click the button below. 


how you

can help

Do you want to change lives? Do you want to help a child in need? If you answered yes to the previous questions a link is posted below which will provide you with the opportunity to sponsor a child or teen in poverty. 

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